Immersive Virtual Summit - The first in our Speaker Series this year

January, 20 - 24, 2024


No matter what age or stage of life you are in, you “get to” BUILD the life you dream of.

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January 20-24,2024

As we transform ourselves, we transform the world around us.

Connect with your Divine Source in a Powerful way.

Take courageous steps in love, prioritize your health and well-being, and cultivate inner serenity. Yes, to BE at Peace is a choice.

Experience joy, vitality, clarity and success.

Join us for 5 days of provocative, practical strategies to achieve optimal health and well-being, as well as success in all your endeavors. Enjoy casual conversation with inspiring thought leaders and pioneers of the New Earth Paradigm.

The universe is calling on us now more than ever to leave behind what no longer serves us. This will create space for what is coming in for us. We are leaving behind the confines of the old paradigms and magnetizing what is meant for us.

You will Discover;

  • How your own Breath is one of the most powerful tools you possess. Learn how Shamanic Breathwork and The Spiral Path of Birth, Life, Death and ReBirth Free your Soul and enable you to chart your own course, designing the life you are meant to live.

  • How to Discover your WHY and how Hypnotherapy can free you of hidden blocks that have kept some of your ultimate goals just out of reach, until now.

  • How your unique astrological blueprint holds keys to illuminate the path you chose in this lifetime and how to navigate your birth chart for a more fulfilling Soul Based life.

The Aquarian age is asking us to step into UNITY Consciousness. This is a fertile moment to create the life you dream of.

A new world is emerging. It is a world where the inner self merges with the infinite, your soul self.

Ignite your intuition and seek your own guidance.

What are you Birthing into being?

It is my distinct honor to introduce our BUILD speakers.

Each of these women has had a profound impact on my life. They have been my teachers, mentors, and coaches. I am thrilled and honored to share their gifts with you.

Linda Starwolf

Author and Creator of Shamanic Breathwork and Venus Rising center for Transformation

Linda Star Wolf, Ph.D., has been a shamanic visionary teacher and guide to thousands of people over the last four decades. Starting out as a therapist in the mental health and addictions fields in the 1980’s, Star Wolf was a nationally certified alcohol and drug counselor for 30+ years. She draws much of her wisdom from her personal experience of recovery and discovery from addictions

Lisa Schermerhorn

Author, Hypnotherapist and Co-Founder

CNLP Coaching

Lisa has over 20 years of experience as a transformational leader, author of the bestselling book, “In Every Belief is a Lie" and expert in the fields of human behavior, leadership and personal development. She is an award winning speaker and has spoken at Harvard and Columbia University as a featured bLU Talks speaker. She also trained in the “Winners Mindset” with Bob Reese, the former head trainer for the NY Jets and helped a professional golfer win Golfer of the Year!

Sonja Francis

Astrologer, Life and Relationship Coach

Sonja Francis is a certified Astrologer and Life/Relationship Coach. Her passion is connecting with people and helping them transform their lives; this led her to train as a life coach, in addition to her lifelong study of astrology. She currently serves dozens of clients across several continents via video chat and phone.

Kimberlee Woods

Teacher, Healer, Guide and Ritual Master in North American Mystery School

Kimberlee Woods learned to become a healer, teacher, guide, and apprentice, and once again her beliefs began to shift. She understood her godhood and embraced her divinity in new and powerful ways, but as beliefs shifted, so did her conscious awareness.

About your Hostess

Tami Gingrow

Transformational Life Coach, Community BUILDer

I am passionate about holistic health and sustainability, and the interconnectedness of the two. I love sharing practical strategies that help people achieve Optimal Health Naturally and in the present moment. I also help people navigate higher levels of consciousness and ReMember who they truly are: infinite beings of light capable of co-creating a new paradigm of peace and unity. Together, we can step into the Aquarian Age and create a new Earth, a world of harmony and oneness.

Over the last three decades of learning and transformation, I have acquired a variety of tools to assist you on your unique path to vitality and longevity.

I am inspired to BUILD a community of holistic practitioners with diverse backgrounds and skill sets to provide an invaluable resource for you and your family's health sovereignty.

As a proud mother of four adult daughters, I am dedicated to building regenerative communities that are centered around integrative holistic wellness and retreat centers. Nature is my medicine, and I curate transformational retreats to high-energy centers on our planet. I believe that we must return to ancient ways of honoring the cycles of nature in order to meet and unveil our true nature.

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