We are spiritual beings living a human experience. We were spirit before we put on this human body. We are spirit when we leave this human body. Getting fully in touch with your spirit makes the struggles, pain, suffering and other hardships that we or people we care about go through in this life.


I personally look for spiritual messages in all sorts of packages. I take the time to recognize and honor them for their presence in my life. I am dealing with some pretty significant physical discomfort. I was still racing through my day and trying to accomplish a to do list that was way too long to be possible. I was in the garden, no water close by, when I spied a beautiful dragonfly perched on a plant. I have never seen one sitting still for so long! I admired the intricacy of its wings, it’s huge eyes, it’s mouth, the length of it’s body and the brilliant colors. I thanked the dragon fly for giving me reason to pause and notice the beauty all around me. For me, it said, you need to slow down in life and appreciate the many blessings you have been given.

When I see something like this I often go to google or a Native American animal totem book and look up the animal I have encountered. This is some of what I found about dragon fly.


“The dragonfly is characterized by amazing flight patterns as it appears to be able to change direction swiftly, gliding through the air with no apparent effort. Its lightness inspires those who have the dragonfly as totem to use their ability to be flexible and highly adaptable in any situation. By affinity with the dragonfly aerial lightness, those who have this animal as totem can develop the ability to take things lightly even in the darkest moments. Lightness in feelings and lightness in thoughts. The dragonfly spirit animal invites people to keep a light, positive outlook no matter what. Animal of wonder, the dragonfly can bring forth the enchanting spirit of our own nature. When you see this spirit animal, allow yourself to open up to the magic of nature and the elements.”


Later that night, I went to the Taylor Swift concert with 2 of my daughters and our friend Alaina. I LOVE Taylor Swift! I wouldn’t know this if I didn’t have teenage daughters.

Taylor brings a very positive message and I admire her so much for bringing her diary to life in such an amazing way. She talked about her song “Clean” and why she wrote it. She talked about how the hard things you go through in life don’t define you they make you stronger and better, and how the mistakes we make don’t make us damaged goods! Here is the chorus;


“Rain came pouring down when I was drowning

That's when I could finally breathe

And by morning gone was any trace of you

I think I am finally clean

Finally clean

Think I'm finally clean

Think I'm finally clean”


For some reason I was struck by the beauty and meaning behind this song and very happy for Taylor, that as young as she is and with the tremendous pressure of growing up in the spotlight and all of your mistakes being open to public scrutiny, she gets it!!



The next day I attended church at Hillside Christian Community as I do many Sundays. It was communion Sunday. The sermon was great and impactful, but what struck me most as communion was served, is that “I am CLEAN”!

I don’t know if you have ever shared in the sacrament of communion. For me, it is a time of introspection, contemplation, a time when I think about the tremendous sacrifice that Jesus made when He offered his life for ours. I think about things I may have done that I’m not proud of.

This Sunday morning was different! I have been meditating on unconditional love lately. Realizing and accepting that I am truly loved by God. And, truly whatever your faith, I hope and pray that all of you know that you are truly LOVED by God!!! As I sat with my bread and my wine, I was almost overjoyed that I am loved by God and Taylor’s lyrics came to me that brought tears of joy that I AM CLEAN!! I AM LOVED!!


So…you still may be wondering “What do a dragon fly, Taylor Swift and Jesus have in common”!?

When you are living in spirit, Truth comes to you in many ways, positive messages to remind us of who we really are!!! When you know that you are loved, you will be able to love and then you will BE LOVE. You will be a vessel of loving kindness, sharing your blessings and expressing gratitude every moment of every day!