Madre Sagrada, Sacred Heart of the Mother

The Mother's Day Retreat with Body In Balance Healing Center

This is a day to honor every kind of Mother! When I think of the “Heart” of the mother, I actually think first of “Mother Earth”.

We invite you to bring your Mama for a weekend retreat to honor her and the true “Sacred Heart” of all Mothers Everywhere. We all have the mother that gave birth to us, whether she is present in your life or not. Most of us have Mothers that we have “chosen” as well. Motherly figures in our lives that have offered their love and support though they had no biological obligation to do so. Some of us relate to “spiritual mothers” as well such as Mother Mary or Ma’at.

I wholeheartedly believe that the greatest problem with humanity is a lost connection to “Mother Earth”. May is the beginning of the harvest season in our region. I delight in “wild harvesting” the vast indigenous plants that grow in nature. I choose to go to a spring each week to collect water right from the source. I do this so that I may honor the water and pray for protection of this precious and vital resource.

I would venture to say that most take all of this for granted. The lost connection with “Mother Earth” and the sustenance we receive from her has resulted in a myriad of health epidemics. Physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual health.

Join us for a unique weekend in which we will literally delight in these sacred relationships. Enjoy wild harvested and local, organic foods and beverages that build your immune system and tantalize your taste buds. We will connect with Mother earth in many fun ways that are sure to bring out your inner child. Our hope is that connection will remain when you return to your everyday routines.  

We are SUPER excited to be hosting the “WIZDOM WORLDBEAT REGGAE BAND”

Saturday may 13th at 8:00 p.m.

When I think of music that honors love and bridges generations, I think of Reggae.  Music is the heartbeat of “Mother Earth”. Live music is a huge part of all of our retreats. 

Madre Sagrada Weekend Retreat: 

  • Rhythmic Yoga Flow Class- Free your soul, Free your mind, Free your body

  • Fresh Juice or Kombucha

  • Very Special 2.5 Hour Yoga Hike- Let your hair down!! We will practice sacred dance as we move up and down the terrain of the majestic Ohiopyle State Park. If you feel so inclined you may use “found” drums or bring a drum if you have one. We will honor the water and The Heart of Mother Earth and mothers everywhere! This hike is not to be missed. There is power in our connection to these energies. You just might be transformed…..

  • Picnic Lunch

  • Guided Meditation

  • 2 Wild Harvested Dinners at Alpenhof Lodge


  • Special Mother’s Day Yoga Practice- Honor the Sacred Mother with 108 names of the Divine Mother

  • Mother’s Day Brunch 

INVESTMENT- $240 Exclusive of Lodging- 15% EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT- Register by April 13th

Madre Sagrada- SATURDAY ONLY

  • Juice or Kombucha

  • Very Special 2.5 Hour Yoga hike

  • Picnic Lunch

  • Guided meditation

  • 1 Wild Harvested Dinner at Alpenhof


INVESTMENT- $170- Exclusive of Lodging 15% EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT- Register by April 13th

Lodging is available at Alpenhof Lodge as well as other options on our website. Choices will appear when you click on the events listed  above.  Lodging starts at $50 per night per person.

 Most activities are also available Ala Carte

Please call or email if we can assist you in any way or to book your own events with us!

Tami 412-999-3553