Therapeutic Massage

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Our experienced and talented massage therapists will put you at ease enabling you to relax and release tension as you enter a soothing environment. The gift of healing touch is just that, a gift. Those of us who possess this gift can’t help but share it. We at Body in Balance Healing Center are grateful to share what we are passionate about…healing. Enter a place where you are free to leave your cares outside and focus within.

Choose from Deep Tissue or Sports Massage
Starting at $85/ Hour

Care for you own body or give the gift of healing to someone you care about.


Thai Yoga Massage

An ancient healing art with origins in Ayurvedic Medicine and traditional medicine people in the villages in Thailand. It has evolved into a unique and magical combination of deep stretching, rhythmic compression, soft-tissue manipulation, gentle rocking, energy balancing, and acupressure.

A Thai massage is conducted on a thick cushion on the floor, and the client remains fully clothed in loose pants and a comfortable shirt. A traditional session lasts two and a half hours and consists of dynamic and fluid combinations of techniques that move, stretch and twist the body to effectively release tension in muscles and provide relief from chronic pain.

Starting at $125/1.5 hour