Yoga Classes

Transformational Yoga

Starting at $15 per person, Group rates available

A yoga practice should be fun! There is no perfection in any given pose. We playfully explore ways of gaining flexibility, strength and balance. We practice foundational yoga, building any given pose from the ground up!
Yoga is by no means a physical practice alone. It is a way of life. We work through the challenges of this human existence to gain mastery over the mind, the ego and the emotions, that we may shine brightly and fulfill our soul's purpose. 
Learn to tune into your Spirit and live this life to the fullest.
When you trust your connection to your own divine spirit and begin to live limitless, you allow transformation to begin!

4 week sessions Meet Saturdays from 9:30 -10:45 am

1st S:ession: December 30th, & January  6th, 13th, and 20th

2nd Session: February 3rd,10th,17th and March 3rd

INVESTMENT $60 per session or $110 for both sessions!!

Jump Start a Daily Practice…..

5 morning classes between Christmas and the New Year!
Wednesday December 27th through Sunday December 31st from 9:30 to 10:30 am



It takes discipline to achieve goals. We’d like to share with you the importance of a daily practice….. enjoy some ME TIME!                          INVESTMENT $75 for 5 classes


You can expect the same kind of results described inTransformational Yoga above. We will help you implement a daily practice into your own routine! Even you begin with just 5 minutes per day.. You will see results!




Yoga Hikes

Starting at $25 per person Group rates available

Venture to awe inspiring locations in the majestic Laurel Highlands, Pittsburgh and other destinations.

We will guide you to your comfort level and beyond as we explore all aspects of yoga and adventure while immersing yourself in nature.  Fuse yoga and movement, with techniques for moving uphill and downhill. Increase your balance and stamina as we mindfully practice yoga using contours in nature such as trees, rocks, creeks and rivers. Every time I practice outdoors, I am grateful that my studio has no walls!


SUP Yoga at Laurel Hill State Park

Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga

What better way to cool off this summer and gain balance?

Dates coming soon for 2108

The serene and reflective lake at Laurel Hill State Park is absolutely perfect for SUP Yoga. Taking your yoga practice to a floating mat presents wonderful opportunities to challenge your balance, connect with the water element, soak up some sun, and have some fun!!!

I love the zero impact in the event you fall! It is a welcoming dip in cool clear water when you topple off of your board!

Savasana on the water is a magical experience.

What's SUP with you this summer?? Sign up now!!

Nino's Restaurant Garden Party Yoga

SECOND SUNDAYS: June 10th, July 8th, August 12th and September 9th 2018
Transformational ALL LEVELS Class at 3:00 p.m. followed
by entertainment and refreshments!

A yoga practice should be fun! There is no perfection in any given pose. We playfully explore ways of gaining flexibility, strength and balance. We practice foundational yoga, building any given pose from the ground up!

Entertainment schedule;
June 11th- Skero and Jingles
July 9th- Meredith Holiday
August 13th Skero and Kelsey
September 10th Skero and Jingles

You can order from Nino's delicious menu too!


Garden Party Yoga

Wellspring Valley at Donegal Lake
4th Sundays May-September 2018 at 3 p.m.

We love our Garden Party Yoga Classes!! You will too!

Join us in Wellspring Valley"s serene and peaceful gardens with a labyrinth!

This will be a Transformational Yoga Class with a focus on "The Wheel, Great Forces of Nature". Enjoy a well rounded flow with guidance for transforming whatever it is you wish to transform! We will explore a personal relationship to all the elements and our energy centers. Following the class we will take a short “Harvest Walk”. It is our desire to share the Yoga Life with you.Yoga is not simply physical asana practice. During the harvest walk, we will show you how to harvest cold season tea from your backyard!

We will enjoy a potluck meal together after class. Please bring a dish to share if you like. Harvest season is the best time for potluck with so many farm and garden fresh ingredients available to us all!!

Step outside, Go within, Find stillness and fulfillment of your dreams


Private and Semi Private

 $100-60 minutes-up to 6 participants

$150-90 minutes-up to 10 participants

$15 per person-greater then 6 or 10

Ideal for individuals or groups. Hosting a family reunion or girls weekend? Yoga is the perfect group activity. We tailor the class to fit your specific goals and experience level. You receive our full attention. If you are new to yoga and a little uncomfortable about joining a group session, we will help you gain the strength, flexibility and basic knowledge of postures so you are prepared to go with the flow in a class setting. Receive hands on adjustments enabling you to achieve better alignment in postures. 
Private yoga or yoga therapy is perfect if you are rehabbing an injury.